Wife Demands Answers From Mother-In-Law After Phone Discovery

Carrie Gilcrest, was a devoted wife and her husband loved her dearly. That love wasn’t shared by her mother-in-law however, and after Carrie saw her mother-in-law’s bank records, their relationship went from cool to downright frosty.

Carrie and Jeff met at a nightclub. She was a dancer and he was in the audience chilling after a day’s conference. They were instantly attracted to each other and were soon dating. A few months later, Jeff decided to introduce his beautiful new girlfriend to his family.

The family welcomed Jeff’s new girlfriend, but his mother was hostile from the get-go.

Jeff was just seven years old when his father died and he was raised single-handedly by his mother. In her eyes, he could no wrong and nobody was ever good enough for him, including all his previous girlfriends whom she had scared off.

After a brief romance, Jeff and Carrie got engaged and married a short while later. The wedding ceremony was a small one, with close friends and family in attendance, but refusing to come, Jeff’s mother was a no-show.

Carrie, who was easy going, couldn’t understand why Jeff’s mother was so cold towards her.

“I was always polite towards her and treated her with respect and yet she seemed to hate me!’’

The relationship between Carrie and her mother-in-law remained frosty and when Jeff was forced to take a salary cut or be laid off at work, their relationship worsened.

“Jeff’s forced salary cut, came as a real blow to us and we were unable to cover our mortgage or our monthly costs. We were in dire straights and in desperate need of help.’’

To ease their monetary difficulties, Carrie found a job as a Dancer at a nearby Club. She wasn’t happy to have strange men leering at her on stage, but she was determined to do what she could to survive their financial shortcomings. On some nights, she was lucky enough to make good tips, but her earnings still fell well short of their much needed monthly expenses.

Carrie’s retired parents were not well off, but they willingly gave what they could afford.

It was a different story with Jeff’s mother, however and when he asked her for help, she told him she was broke and flatly refused to help.

“You won’t be seeing a single dime from me.’’ She growled. “Why don’t you tell that cheap wife of yours to get a decent job, one that pays the bills! I’ll never understand what you see in her! Why didn’t you marry someone who could earn a decent wage without having to flaunt herself on stage in front of strange men?’’

When Jeff told Carrie what his mother had said, she went ballistic and he didn’t blame her.

He was also hurt by his mother’s remarks and questioned why she would speak about his wife in that way.

There are certain lines in life that should never be crossed and Jeff’s mother had crossed that line! If she continued with her behavior, she and Jeff were headed for a major collision.

Skeletons in the closet exposed at family gathering…

Jeff wasn’t happy about the icy relationship between his mother and his wife. To improve things, he arranged a family BBQ, and was surprised when his mother agreed to attend.

The weather was great and the whole family were enjoying themselves in the backyard when Carrie remembered that Jeff’s birthday was just around the corner. She had ordered a present for him online and wanted to check the tracking details and expected date of arrival.

She had misplaced her phone and went inside to look for it and as she entered the kitchen, she saw a mobile phone on the counter. She impulsively picked it up and noticed it belonged to her mother-in-law.

“I just needed a phone for a few seconds to check the date of arrival of Jeff’s birthday present so I so I grabbed it impulsively. It wasn’t going to hurt anyone and who would know anyway.’’

Secure your privacy, or else…

Her mother-in-law had foolishly left her phone logged into her online bank account and Carrie

was shocked to see the bank balance at $32,300. She couldn’t believe it.

“I was related to this wicked woman. She knew we were struggling and she lied when she told us she was broke and flatly refused to help us!’’

Carrie was so angered by what she had seen that she forgot to check the delivery date for Jeff’s birthday present. She angrily slammed the phone down on the counter and stormed outside to join the rest of the family gathering. Her rage was so intense that she hardly said another word for the rest of the afternoon.

Jeff had noticed her change in mood at the BBQ and later that night, he asked her why.

Carrie told him what she had seen on his mother’s phone. Jeff was as shocked as she was when he heard her story, but after discussing the matter at length, they both decided it would be best to put it aside, and move on with their lives.

Later that night, they settled into bed. Jeff was soon asleep and Carrie was browsing the web on her phone when she remembered Jeff’s birthday present. After finding the tracking details she was pleased to see that the present would arrive the following day.

Calling it as is…

Carrie was still fuming about her discovery earlier in the day and couldn’t understand how her mother-in-law could be so heartless towards her own son. He had not asked his mother for a lot and yet, despite that, she told him she was broke and refused to help.

Carrie couldn’t get the thought of her mother-in-law out of her mind and unable to hold back her anger longer, she decided to phone her and settle things once and for all.

In a high-pitched voice filled with anger, Carrie told her mother-in-law what she had seen on her phone earlier that day and demanded an explanation.

“How dare you call me at this hour and accuse me of things and what right do you have, prying into my personal affairs!. Let me make it very clear. My son made a bad decision choosing you for a wife, you are not up to his high standards and I never want to speak to you again. We are finished!” Hissed the mother-in-law before hanging up.

Carrie hasn’t spoken to her mother-in-law since that night. Jeff has tried to fix things with his mother on several occasions, but she has made it quite clear she never wants to see or speak to Carrie again. Jeff will always love his mother, but his love for his wife comes first and he has vowed to stand by her.

After months of trying, Carrie is finally resigned to the fact that she and her mother-in-law will never be friends and she will never be accepted as Jeff’s wife.

“Sadly, I have come to realise that you can’t please everyone in life and although I feel sorry for Jeff, I personally don’t care if I never see or hear my selfish mother-in-law ever again!’’

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